Why we’re here

Freedom isn’t free!

3494277826_9c82452269_zThe Lord has given all men certain Natural Rights. We believe it is our duty to honor and preserve those liberties.

The founders of the United States knew this and built a nation such as the world had “never seen.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Governed.”
-The Declaration of Independence

The Ohio Republican PAC understands the difficulty in balancing this relationship between the people and their government. We exist to fight for just government and our God given rights!

Our Mission

The objective of the Ohio Republican PAC is to recruit, promote, and/or assist citizens for state and local public office who share our core values and principles; and to ensure the political process is accessible and responsive to its constituency.

Values and Principles

  • Adherence to the US Constitution;
  • Individual responsibility;
  • Smaller, simpler government; and
  • Economic freedom


 How we’re making a difference

We’re building a Grassroots Network

The Ohio Republican PAC is building a network of locally-run county PACs all over Ohio. Each county PAC espouses our strong principles and leadership skills locally. They choose their own candidates and our support network helps make their dreams a reality.

Politics should be Local

We believe in the bottom up approach espoused by our Founding Fathers where individuals participate in self government starting at the local level with political party central committees, township trustees, school boards, city councils and county offices.

We stand against those who would centralize power and disregard the individual.


What you can do to help

Are you interested in being a part of a new, innovative movement in Ohio? Here are some of the many ways we can empower you to make a difference:

thHelp start a County PAC

If you and your friends are passionate conservatives, looking for a strong leadership model, we want you on our team! Please reach out to us and we can start building a relationship.


The Ohio Republican PAC will be a powerful source of leadership and knowledge for our many affiliated county PACs. Your generous donations may be used for anything from campaign training to polling to advocacy. What are your passions?


We can help you find your niche in the conservative movement. If you are ready to take action and put good people in government, we can guide you.


With God, all things are possible

-State motto